Thursday, April 23, 2015

Writers' Rumpus blog for kidlit authors & illustrators

As I'm about to head off to my second NESCBWI Conference in Springfield, MA this weekend, it seems fitting that I should share about another blog I occasionally write for--Writers' Rumpus.

Writers' Rumpus is an online journal for SCBWI members who want to share their opinions, expertise, book reviews, author, agent and editor interviews, and more.

Many of the contributors are members of the Andover, MA critique group and some are honorary members who have graduated from the group, but still share their insights.

What all the contributors have in common is their love of children's literature. Authors, illustrators, author-illustrators, pre-published, published, agented, unagented--we're all happy to read, write and learn whatever we can about children's literature and the journey of publication.

So, if you're looking for some new information from people excited about writing for kids, stop on by!

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