Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Picture Book Idea Month 2015

And drumroll please..... Voila!

Starting November 1st, I'll be participating in the wild and wacky writing motivation spree called Picture Book Idea Month. Hosted by the talented author Tara Lazar on her super helpful blog, Writing for Kids While Raising Them.

I participated in PiBoIdMo last year for the first time. It was an excellent exercise in not editing myself. I think sometimes as writers we think that whatever comes out of our brains has to be gold the first time. This can inhibit our freedom and imagination. An activity like this forces you to be less critical of your ideas, because you're brainstorming seeds of ideas, rather than a finished product. Afterward, you can go back and see what might be worth fleshing out into a full story. 

For more information, you can read my recent Writers' Rumpus post about PiBoIdMo.

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